Expense Policy

This page provides SPEC contributors with guidance on the proper and timely submission of billable expenses. All billable time must be approved by one of SPEC's Collective Administrators before starting work and tracking expenses. Expenses submitted for work that was not explicitly approved by a Collective Administrator will be rejected. SPEC reserves the right to reject any expenses submitted with insufficient information or that do not correspond to the pre-agreed on scope of work, time commitment, and pay rate. Through Open Collective SPEC is able to pay out expenses twice a week. Contributors who submit their expenses later in the week and miss the second pay run will receive their pay the following week.

Submitting Expenses

All expenses should be submitted on Open Collective. Open Collective is online funding platform that provides tools to raise and share its finances in full transparency. The platform enables SPEC to collect and disburse funds, and makes all contributions and expenses 100% visible to the public.

Visit SPEC's Open Collective "Submit Expense" page by clicking the following link https://opencollective.com/spec/expenses/new. From that page you can enter your payment details and upload your time sheet.

Before submitting expenses make sure that you have done the following:

  • Tracked only billable expenses

  • Confirmed tracked expenses with your Project Lead

  • Accounted for each hour for which you are billing

  • SPEC recommends using Toggl Track to generate timesheets to submit their expenses

  • If you are an independent contractor and have a preferred tool to generate timesheets and invoices, you must get the format approved by a Collective Administrator before submitting expenses.

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