Sustainability Accelerator

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SPEC's Sustainability Accelerator is offers research, technical guidance, resources, and mentoring to sustainability and environmental conservation focused projects and organizations. SPEC's diverse network of experts and open source contributors collaborative with accelerator fellows to create innovative technologies that promote sustainable development and climate action.

Focus Areas

  • Open Source Software & Hardware

  • Sustainable Agriculture & Permaculture

  • Controlled Environmental Agriculture

  • 3D Printing & Digital Manufacturing

  • Sustainable Materials & Recycling

  • All-Electric & Hybrid Vehicles

  • Educational and Instructional Technology

Current Projects

  • Modular Greenhouse

  • Open Source Plastic Recycling

Future Projects

Have an idea for a sustainability or environmental conservation focused project or organization? Interested in receiving mentorship and resources about how to get up and running? Send us an email at about your project. We would love to hear from you and find ways to help!

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