We partner and collaborate with organizations big or small that align with our mission for social good and working all in open source. Some have been with organizations under Open Collective Foundation, like Data Umbrella, a community focused on building diversity, equity, and inclusion in the data science field. We’re also working with buildJUSTLY, an organization that focuses on understanding biases and making inclusive software. We have also collaborated with Public Invention to create an open source embedded systems project, creating a general purpose alarm device. By early 2023, SPEC will sponsor a capstone project for students to receive credits or paid experience through their contribution to this project.

SPEC is excited to celebrate and continue expanding our partnerships. Here are a few of our current and past partners:

  • buildJUSTLY

  • Data Umbrella

  • Public Invention

  • Juniper Garden

  • Open Sustain Tech

  • RAND Corporation

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